How To Get Rid of Reels on Facebook

How To Get Rid of Reels on Facebook

In the past few years, there has been an enormous rise in videos being posted on social media sites. Many users are now sharing the content they create to publish and connect to other users through socials like Facebook reels to get engagements, ‘likes’, comments, and popularity on the media. How do you get rid of it if you do not enjoy watching it? If that sounds too complicated for you, follow my step-by-step guide on getting rid of Reels on Facebook.

Reels are short videos that last between 30 seconds and 3 minutes. They’re usually posted in video form on your Facebook timeline, and they use imagery that automatically loops like movie clips. Reel posts can be a great way to create engagement within your audience’s news feed, but if you post too many reels, this might have the opposite effect.

How To Get Rid of Reels on Facebook

There’s no definitive way to remove reels on Facebook, but I’ll give you three practical ways to avoid spins on your news feed.

Use Older Version

It would help if you uninstall the latest version of Facebook from your device and install the previous version of the Facebook app that does not support the reels feature. The only downside of using the older version is that you miss out on the new features in the latest version of the Facebook app.

Use Web-Facebook

Use Facebook on your mobile browser for a good social experience and not miss out on any features. You can use Facebook on your browser without worries because The reels feature is only available to users on the app.

Facebook In-app Feature

How to get rid of reels on Facebook using the in-app feature is not guaranteed. It’s just to reduce the reels on your profile news feed, To disable Reels. To do this,

Tap the three dots button on the profile reels you’re viewing, and tap See Less to Turn off Reels.

Something to keep in mind is that you will never be able to see that person’s reels again. And you can undo the action immediately after you change your mind.


That’s it! These are the three methods on how to get rid of reels on Facebook, and Suddenly you won’t see all these terrible reels anymore in your News Feed. If you want to post something yourself, you will still be able to, and now the only reels in your feed will be the videos people like.