How To Stop Spotify From Adding Songs

How To Stop Spotify From Adding Songs To Playlist

Spotify is a fantastic platform that has allowed many of us to follow our favorite artists and find new artists. But, uh, have you seen the feature that automatically adds songs to your playlists? It’s an obvious problem, and you’re not only annoyed by it. So, We’ve got a solution. This article serves as a guide on how to stop Spotify from adding songs to playlists.

How to Stop Spotify From Adding Songs to Playlist

As we all know, Spotify is pretty good. It has millions of songs, all organized in fun, easy-to-use categories. But if you look closer, there’s a secret. You may have noticed that Spotify is adding new songs to your list whenever you expect them not to. By taking the steps outlined below, you’ll be able to stop Spotify from adding songs to playlists to  unsubscribe from suggested songs on your terms, no matter what language Spotify is in.

By Turning Off the Enhance Function

Every playlist has an Enhance button at the top. When you tap it, Spotify’s algorithm will add tracks to your playlist that it thinks are appropriate. Songs that have been enhanced will have a bright green sparkle icon next to them to indicate that they weren’t on your original playlist.

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Check to see if your enhancement button is activated or disabled. Similar songs will be automatically added to your playlist if this option is enabled. Turn off the enhance function in that case, and the added songs will automatically be removed from the playlist.

How To Stop Spotify From Adding Songs

Spotify Premium

Spotify habitually gets on your nerves by pressuring you to upgrade to a premium membership. If you’re using the free Spotify app, songs will automatically be added to your playlists. You may have also noticed ads running in the middle of songs on Spotify’s Free membership.

Benefits of Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium members enjoy some excellent features which other free subscribers don’t enjoy. they include:

  • Better Audio quality.
  • Zero ads
  • They can Listen while offline
  • They Subscribe to Showtime
  • They enjoy Listening sessions
  • Enhance Feature

Why Does Spotify Add Songs to Playlist?

  • Spotify will add more songs to your playlist if it has less than 15 songs.
  • A message will pop up stating that Spotify added the extra songs but that they can be removed by trying to add more songs.


While there are several ways you can stop Spotify from adding songs to playlist, we have a few suggestions about how to prevent this issue which we have stated above.