How To Flip Camera on Omegle

How To Flip Camera on Omegle on Android & iOS

 How to flip camera on Omegle? Omegle is one of the most popular videos calling applications. It provides a way to communicate with friends and family, including strangers worldwide. Millions of people use it daily for communication, video chatting, meeting, and dating purposes. Today’s article will be about how to flip camera on Omegle.

Omegle has no official apps to download on your iPhone or Android mobile device. To use this, you first have to visit their official website, which also works fine with PC or Mac.

How To Flip Camera on Omegle on Android & iOS

After connecting with strangers on Omegle during a video chat, you won’t find any option to flip or use your phone back camera. Don’t worry if you come to this site, and you won’t regret reading it. To flip your camera:

  • Download the Opera browser on the Google play store or the Apple app store. When it comes to online calls or video chats Opera browser has a lot of different features to choose from
  • Now to Enable the Omegle back camera.
  • Visit with the opera browser.
  • Add interest and tap the video.
  • Accept the terms and conditions displayed on your device screen to start making a call.
  • Opera will pop-up asking for permissions to your device media, camera and mic. Kindly accept
  • On your next screen, opera will ask what camera to use. Tap on the camera icon and select back camera.
  • Click Done

Suppose you have any headset, earphone or Bluetooth device connected to your phone. In that case, opera will also ask you to switch between these devices to communicate with anyone you’re connected with.