Air Freight/Delivery Services

How Many Jobs are Available in Air Freight/Delivery Services?

Any Job related to Air and Flight is always a high paying one but then How Many Jobs are Available in Air Freight/Delivery Services? This is a question that can only be answered after several factors have been put into consideration.

The industry’s ongoing growth and labor demand make air freight transportation services an excellent career choice. The changes create a comfortable living thanks to decent earnings and good perks in most employment.

So if you’re interested in knowing everything about the Air Freight/Delivery Services sector, its pros and cons, and other important information about the industries, then you should consider reading this article carefully till the end.

What is Air Freight/Delivery Services

Companies that transport goods from one location to another are air freight/delivery services. These companies frequently carry out route planning, freight loading and unloading, and customer service. These services are used by many enterprises and individuals who need to convey their goods effectively and quickly.

How Many Jobs are Available in Air Freight/Delivery Services?

Is Air Freight/Delivery Services a Good Career Path

Yes, Air Freight/Delivery Services is a Good Career Path, but it is a high-paying job with many other benefits. Remember, this career path has to do a lot with transportation, allowing you to travel to different places and experience different cultures.

How Many Jobs are Available in Air Freight/Delivery Services

As of 2019, 1,056,500 persons were employed in the US air freight/delivery services sector. Over the next ten years, growth is predicted to be 4.5%, faster than the average for all jobs. The express and courier services industry, which employs 857,600 people, is where the majority of jobs in the air freight services sector are located.

The majority of individuals rarely think about professions in logistics. However, the truth is that the United States places a lot of importance on this area of the economy. Total freight is expected to weigh 27 billion tons and be worth $38 trillion by 2045, illustrating the magnitude of this essential but sometimes undervalued industry.

Best Paying Jobs in the Air Freight/Delivery Services

Air Cargo Handlers Or Handling Supervisors

Cargo handlers have some of the highest-paying jobs in the air freight/delivery industry because they will be loading and unloading the cargo that is being delivered.

This holds for both incoming and outgoing freight. Be ready because extended periods of standing are also standard. They could also require certification to operate machinery like forklifts. Typically, an aviation freight handler makes $42,000 a year.


Average Salary: $75,000 a year

Aircraft loadmasters are the people in charge of ensuring that the plane is loaded correctly with cargo. They need to know the laws governing flying and airplane operations to carry out their tasks efficiently.

Sales Rep for Airline Cargo 

Average salary: $60,000 a year

Airports employ salespeople for airplane cargo. They know how to get things from far-off places using shipping or planes, for example. They must also speak to people over the phone to ensure everything goes according to plan.

First Officer Co-Pilot

Average salary: $50,000 per year

When piloting an aircraft, the first officer, also referred to as the co-pilot, is in charge of supporting the captain. To do this work well, you must possess in-depth aviation knowledge and the capability to assist the pilot in any way required while the aircraft is in the air.

Cargo Agent

Average salary: $46,910 Annual Wage

A shipment agent, sometimes referred to as a freight agent or a cargo agent, will oversee the entire transportation process. Making plans for the freight pickup and platform loading may be necessary. Control and review every bill of lading, tax, and shipping expense.

Aircraft maintenance mechanic

The income of an aircraft maintenance mechanic typically ranges from $50,000 to $100,000, based on experience and the nature of the work. This is comparable to the prior highly compensated positions. The mechanic’s job is to keep the freighter airworthy by inspecting the aircraft’s avionics, hydraulics, flight controls, and structure.

Flight attendants

Air freight delivery services only sometimes have flight attendants on board, even though they are among the highest-paid jobs in the sector, much like on conventional passenger aircraft. Usually, the flight will have a captain and co-pilot. A relief crew will be present on flights over a specific limit.

Director of Flight Operations

Average salary: $100,000 per year.

The director of flight operations is responsible for overseeing all facets of an airline’s flight operations. Pilots must be engaged and educated to ensure the correct upkeep of any aircraft. To ensure that all work is finished on time and precisely, they must be able to communicate effectively with staff.

Freight Broker

Freight brokers will act as the agents of firms to purchase and sell air freight. They will work to negotiate prices on their client’s behalf, and they will monitor and track shipments. They will function as the initial point of contact for any potential issues.

Transport Agent

Freight agents are the people in charge of planning the transportation of goods. They are to finish the necessary paperwork, send it to the right people, and make sure shipments arrive on schedule. Freight brokers also deal with cargo disputes brought on by late or damaged shipments.

Benefits of Working in the Air Freight and Delivery Services Industry?

1. No Career Advancement Limits

You can also advance your career and earn more if you are working in this industry, unlike other sectors where you only have to still to one job and wait to get promoted

2. Growing Business Environment

The transportation business is a growing business, and because of the increase in international trade, the is a future in this industry.

3. Variety in Potential Future Jobs

In this industry, you can get connected and start working in other industries closely related and earn a more decent salary. You can always try out the importing or exporting firms, manufacturers, shipping lines, and supply-chain conferring to see which paid and works out better for you.

4. Little Academic Qualification Needed

Unlike other jobs requiring a high educational qualification, this industry is quite different because you can work with little or no educational qualification.


We hope that from reading this article, you have been able to get the answers to the question, How Many Jobs are Available in Air Freight/Delivery Services? and you can also agree with me that the career path is a good career path for anybody interested in the transportation sector, especially by air.

There are many jobs available in this industry, and we have made an effort to mention the ten best-paying Jobs in Air Freight/Delivery Services. Check out which best suits you and apply for it.