Companies That Had Their IPO In 2014

6 Companies That Had Their IPO In 2014

Companies That Had Their IPO In 2014? In early 2014, the equity markets were extraordinarily excited about tech companies like Dropbox, Twitter, and Facebook. However, the stock prices cooled considerably in 2014. The markets are still more than twice as high as they were at the beginning of the year, but not at the all-time highs. A deteriorating health index for most of the U.S. economy has driven the stock prices down.

What is an IPO

An initial public offering, also known as a stock launch, is an offering where the shares of a company are offered to institutional investors and typically also to investors who are not retail. An IPO is typically backed through one or more banks that organize the shares appearing on one of the stock exchanges.

Companies that had their IPO in 2014

There are some IPOs that have more credibility than others. Many factors affect the buzz created by an initial public offering, including how well-known the company is and how the IPO promotes the offering. It’s also imperative that the company has an innovative business model and a promising market. Here is a look at the 6 Companies that had their IPO in 2014.

Companies That Had Their IPO In 2014


Alibaba Group Holding Limited, or Alibaba, is a Chinese multinational technology corporation specializing in e-commerce, retail, the Internet, and technology. In 1995, the entrepreneur Jack Ma founded the online market, which has been compared to a mix of Amazon and eBay. China’s most popular Internet market, with more than 500 million users.

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Alibaba also set the record for the largest companies that had their ipo in 2014, raising $22 billion. There are still concerns about the company’s unusual ownership structure, which gives Jack Ma and the Chinese government great power and control. It may cause problems for investors in the future.

Companies That Had Their IPO In 2014

Lending Club

LendingClub is a peer-to-peer lending platform based out of San Francisco, California. It was the first peer-to-peer lender to register its offerings as securities with the Securities and Exchange Commission and to provide secondary market loan trading.

The people at Lending club, proving that companies that had their ipo in 2014 is the year of the choice fund, raised nearly 870 million dollars through public markets. Lending Club was founded in 2007 by Renaud Laplanche and initially allowed peers to provide low-cost funding to their peers. Nonetheless, it has since developed a version that allows institutional investors to do the same thing.

Companies That Had Their IPO In 2014

King Digital Limited, also known as King Digital Entertainment, is a Maltese/Swedish video game developer and publisher based in St. Julian’s, Malta. Every big IPO year also wants a significant flop. The Chocolate Crush Saga mobile game, King Digital, reveals the dangers of becoming a one-hit-wonder.

The vibrant game between candied fruit pieces generates 80% of their revenue, and they have had difficulty convincing investors that they are capable of branching out. It did, however, earn half a billion dollars from its offering.

Companies That Had Their IPO In 2014

Virgin America

Virgin America Inc. was a U.S. airline that operated from 2007 until it was acquired by Alaska Airlines in 2018. The airline primarily focused on providing low-cost service between Western Cities and other major metropolitan areas, with a higher level of service.

Even though Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson’s space mining company, is dealing with severe issues following the wreck of a spaceship that was supposed to ferry customers to outer space for brief joy rides next season. V.A. is a lot closer to the ground. Branson’s low-cost airline, however, is doing much more than coasting. Its stock price has risen due to a sharp drop in oil prices. No uncertainty variable is also Branson’s mythical dash and charm. He owns nearly a quarter of the company.

Companies That Had Their IPO In 2014


Nick Woodman founded GoPro in 2002 as an American technology company. It produces action cameras and creates mobile apps and video editing software. The offering of 17.8 million class A shares was priced at the top end of the expected range of $21-$24 offer price per share, raising $427.2 million. As one of the biggest ipos, The San Mateo, California-based firm sold 8.9 million shares in its initial public offering, with the remaining shares being offered by selling shareholders.

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Under the Hero brand, the company sells only one camera model, which costs between $199.99 and $399.99 and is exceedingly popular among athletes and action sportspeople like surfers, divers, skateboarders, and cyclists. Some well-known names endorsed the company’s cameras include Olympic gold medalist snowboarder Shaun White and 11-time world champion surfer Kelly Slater.

Companies That Had Their IPO In 2014


Zendesk, One of the top companies that had their ipo in 2014,  it’s a customer service software company based in San Francisco, California. It offers software-as-a-service solutions for customer support, sales, and other customer interactions. In 2007, the company was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Zendesk was valued at about $632 million at its IPO, but its market cap has since risen to over $910 million. The offering raised about $100 million. The trading symbol ZEN debuted on the New York Stock Exchange.

Charles River Ventures, a venture capital firm, is Zendesk’s largest shareholder, with a 24.5 percent stake. The firm led Zendesk’s Series A funding in 2009. Benchmark Capital is the second largest shareholder, with a nearly 19 percent stake. Peter Fenton of Benchmark led a $6 million B round and sat on Zendesk’s board of directors. Matrix Partners owns almost 9% of the company. Mikkel Svane, the CEO, and Alexander Aghassipour, the Chief Product Officer, each own about 7% of the company’s stock. Over 40,000 corporate customers use Zendesk’s service as the backbone of their customer support efforts. Startups like Airbnb and Dropbox, as well as more established companies like Adobe, are among the customers.