Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Electronics/Appliances

10 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Electronics/Appliances

The consumer electronics industry is rapidly expanding and growing. Knowing the best-paying jobs in consumer electronics is critical for individuals looking to work in this industry. Appliance repairers are all the rage right now. Indeed, to reduce waste and combat planned obsolescence, consumers are increasingly eager to have their appliances repaired. However, it would be highly beneficial if you depended on qualified professionals to fix your washing machine, refrigerator, or stove. Aside from the fact that consumer electronics is rapidly growing and expanding, job opportunities in this field are lucrative.

What are the advantages of working with consumer electronics? Is it worthwhile to try? What are the highest-paying jobs in consumer electronics? What is the number of available job opportunities in Consumer Electronics/Appliances? Is a career in consumer electronics/appliances a good choice? The following paragraphs will provide answers to your series of questions.

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Electronics/Appliances

How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Electronics/Appliances?

There are various job opportunities in the Consumer Electronics/Appliances industry, but to name a few, here are some of the best paying jobs in consumer electronics:

Product brand manager  

Average annual salary: $139,027

Product Brand Managers are specialists who work in increasingly essential roles in the consumer electronics industry. They establish business objectives and marketing strategies.

Product Designer

Average annual salary: $86,744

A product designer is an expert who oversees the entire design process of a product.

Computer Software Engineers

Average annual salary: $80,844

A software engineer (sometimes called a software developer) designs and builds computer systems and applications to solve real-world problems. 

Quality Engineers

Average annual salary: $77,571

One of the most paid jobs in consumer electronics is a quality engineer responsible for verifying that all products meet the requirements of high-quality standards. 

Microsoft Specialist

Average annual salary: $72,013

A Microsoft Office specialist is familiar with Microsoft Office programs such as word processing, data entry, spreadsheet creation, and presentation creation.

Electronics Technician 

Average annual salary: $68,128

A professional who diagnoses and repairs various types of electronic equipment, such as navigation, communication, medical, and computers, is known as an electronic technician.

Director Of Operations 

Average annual salary: $67,386

An operations manager is an expert who specializes in planning and management; they ensure that daily activities run efficiently without setbacks.

The Industrial Designer 

Average annual salary: $67,772

Industrial designers create concepts for mass-produced products such as automobiles, appliances, and toys. They develop products that meet people’s daily needs by combining art, business, and engineering.


Average annual salary: $66,490

A mainstream programmer creates and tests codes and languages that enable computer applications and programs to operate by human intent. They also convert software developers’ and engineers’ designs into usable code.

Electronics Technologist 

Average annual salary: $66,140

Electronics technologists create circuits based on electronics to provide solutions.

Electronic technologists also install and service electronic equipment and systems. For their tasks, they apply electronics theory and practical skills.

Quality Operations Specialist 

Average annual salary: $61,673

They are in charge of quality assurance activities. A quality operations specialist typically monitors, inspects, and recommends actions to correct or improve a company’s end product to meet standard requirements.

Computer Hardware Engineers 

Average annual salary: $54,903

A hardware engineer researches, designs, develops, and pre-engineers computer systems and components such as processors, circuit boards, hard drives, memory devices, monitors, networks, and routers.

They also contribute to the acceleration of new computer technology by developing better hardware.

Production Support Specialist 

Average annual salary: $48,115

A production support specialist is a professional who assists and optimizes the manufacturing process. They are essential in pre-production, component preparation, and supply.

Appliance Technician

Average annual salary: $42,180

An appliance service technician specializes in repairing broken or malfunctioning appliances and general electronics.

The Appliance Service Technician, one of the best jobs in consumer electronics, is in charge of monitoring, maintaining systems, troubleshooting equipment, and more.

Electronic Product Tester  

Average annual salary: $32,289

An electronics tester is another high-paying job in consumer electronics/home appliances.

An electronic tester inspects and tests electronic devices and equipment, including wiring, circuits, switches, and power supplies. They also frequently travel to equipment warehouses or manufacturing sites to conduct analysis.

Is Consumer Electronics/Home Appliances A Good Career Path?

Yes, the highest-paying job in consumer electronics is a good career choice because it offers not only handsome pay but also the chance to broaden one’s knowledge. However, this career path will benefit those interested in electronics and its components. So far, the industry has made remarkable progress and improved rapidly. As a result, working in this field necessitates knowledge of consumer electronics products such as electronic devices.

However, they resolve issues or flag areas of concern to engineers or managers and suggest solutions to the underlying problems.

Although all careers have drawbacks, there are always advantages to different jobs. Here are some of the merits of working in consumer electronics/appliances.

  • Consumer electronics jobs offer good pay.
  • Employing a consumer electronics job is an avenue to learn practical new skills.
  • For those interested in working for the public or the government, consumer electronics offers services to the public sector.

We can see that the opportunity is a great career path.


Although we have looked at the best consumer electronics job opportunities, it is also essential to look into career tips that will help you thrive in any industry. Furthermore, it is not enough to choose a career based solely on salary; you must also demonstrate genuine and sincere desire and passion.