Best Paying Jobs in Electric Utilities Central

10 Best Paying Jobs in Electric Utilities Central

Electric utilities are highly competitive and offer some of the best paying jobs in the field. With excellent pay and benefits, you can count on electric utility employment to give you everything you need to build a successful career. Are you looking for the best paying jobs in electric utilities central? If you are, then this list is what you need to see.

What is Electric Utilities Central?

Electric utilities central is the entry-level job for electricians looking for a career in the electrical industry. This job usually requires an associate’s degree and some on-the-job training. You will work for a company that provides electrical services to residential and commercial customers. You will be responsible for installing, maintaining, repairing, and replacing electrical equipment in buildings and homes.

Best Paying Jobs in Electric Utilities Central

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Best paying jobs in electric utilities central

The electric utility sector employs more than 1.3 million people. It provides reliable, affordable energy to the nation’s businesses and all 50 states with pollution-free resources like coal, nuclear, natural gas, and hydroelectric power. Below is a list of the best paying jobs in electric utilities central.

Transmission Engineer

Average salary – $91,000 – $137,000

The transmission engineer is responsible for electricity’s safe and efficient movement throughout a power grid. The transmission engineer’s job is to ensure that electricity from generators is transmitted through various substations, transformers, and other equipment to reach the consumer.


Average salary – $71,000 – $107,000

The Radiation Job is one of the best paying jobs in electric utilities central. This is a very lucrative job. You can make good money and have a very high income. The radiation technicians work with radioactive material and use them to produce electricity and power plants that run on nuclear energy. They have to be very careful when working with these materials because if they make any mistake, it could cause an accident that could be fatal for everyone involved.

Electrical engineer

Average salary – $87,000

Electrical engineers are responsible for designing, installing, and maintaining electrical systems. They often work directly with other engineers, architects, and contractors to ensure that the projects they are working on meet the needs of their clients.

Division Manager

Average salary – $77,000

The Division Manager is a crucial position in the management of an electric utility. The manager manages all aspects of the division, including human resources, financial and administrative operations, engineering, quality control, and maintenance. 

This position requires a broad knowledge of the business and its various departments. The Division Manager has a degree in business administration, accounting, or engineering.

Power distributor and dispatcher

Average salary – $73,000

The Power distributor and dispatcher is one of best paying jobs in electric utilities central with an entry-level position in the electrical utility industry. The responsibilities of this position include distributing, coordinating, and monitoring electrical power distribution to customers. This position serves as a link between the customer and the electric utility company.

Electrical power-line installer

Average salary – $71,300

 Electrical power-line installer is a profession that deals with installing electrical power lines. This job involves working on high voltage electrical systems at substations, transformers, transmission, and distribution locations.

Operations Manager

Average salary – $67,000

Operations Managers are responsible for efficiently and effectively operating an organization’s production, distribution, or storage facilities. They oversee the day-to-day operations of a facility or group of facilities.

Nuclear power reactor operator

Average salary – $52,800

The nuclear power reactor operator is responsible for the safe operation of a commercial nuclear power plant. They work closely with other plant operators, engineers, and outside agencies to ensure that the plant operates per its design and regulatory requirements.

Utility Manager

Average salary – $47,000

The utility Manager is responsible for a utility system’s day-to-day operations and maintenance. They oversee the day-to-day operations of an entire utility system, including customer service, billing, engineering, maintenance, and more. Utility managers also help to hire employees to fill positions at the company and may be involved in long-term planning initiatives such as capital expansion or acquisition.

Power Engineer

Average salary – $45,000

The power engineer is responsible for implementing, operating, and maintaining electrical equipment, systems, and components. Power engineers work in various industries such as oil and gas, mining, steel manufacturing, and IT.


Electricity is a vital necessity available to us all the time. However, most people are unaware of its various benefits. Electricity is a potent energy source that helps us in multiple ways. 

Everyone wants a better future, living standard, and good health, right? Well, electrical energy can help us fulfill these desires. Hopefully, this article has given you some critical insights into finding the best paying jobs in electric utilities central.