Can You use Apple Pay on Amazon

Can You use Apple Pay on Amazon?

Can You use Apple Pay on Amazon? Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service developed by Apple Inc. that allows users to pay in person, in iOS apps, and on the web using Safari. It works on iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads, and Macs. It isn’t available on every user’s device that isn’t an Apple product. It is simple to use Apple Pay and works with your devices daily. Since your card information is stored on your device when you pay, it is secure.

Can You use Apple Pay on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon takes Apple Pay, Visa Checkout, and Masterpass digital wallet payments, but individual vendors must enable the feature.

How to use Apple Pay On Amazon

We’ll need a workaround until we can easily use Apple Pay on Amazon during the checkout process. Here is how to make Amazon purchases with your Apple Wallet app.

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  • Use a PC or a Mac to access your Amazon account.
  • Click the dropdown arrow next to “Account & Lists” in the top toolbar. It appears beneath a personalized greeting, just beneath the search tool.
  • Select “Account.”
  • Select “Your Payments” from the next screen under the “Ordering and shopping preferences” category.
  • Choose “Add a payment method” and add a card.

Can You use Apple Pay on Amazon

Where Can you use Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is compatible with any contactless payment system. You’ll be able to use Apple Pay if you see the contactless payment symbol or the Apple Pay symbol at any store checkout. You can hold your iPhone close to the reader. On an Apple Watch, double-click the side button and hold it up to the reader to pay in any store.

Hundreds of thousands of stores and restaurants around the world support it. In the United States, over 75% of stores and restaurants accept Apple Pay, while in the United Kingdom, over 85% do. Support is available in 99 percent of Australia’s stores and restaurants.

Amazon accepts most major credit/debit cards as a payment option, and you can enter a new card by clicking the first input box. Touch ID or Keychain as a syncing method should make these options available in a dropdown menu.


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